Client: Third Rock Ventures Campaign: Virtual Annual Meeting


Third Rock Ventures typically hosts their annual meeting in Boston. Come 2020, they had to shift online, and came to us for video content and virtual event consulting. We broke the event into three segments with cohesive branding: an energetic intro video, pre-recorded fireside chats, and live keynotes accompanied by slides.


Even though the annual meeting was going to occur over Zoom, we wanted to maintain brand consistency throughout. Using Third Rock colors we created a look and feel for all pre-recorded pieces that TRV would use in the powerpoint for live segments.


TRV wanted the intro video to send the message that, “even though we’re virtual, we’re all still here, still working.” Using this silly music video as some visual inspiration, we created a look and feel that added TRV colors and dynamic animations to Zoom-like boxes.

Since we couldn’t film in person, we sent detailed guidelines on selfie filming etiquette, and received 17 videos from TRV staff members, from executives to newly hired receptionists. We asked everyone to answer the same questions, so we could weave their answers together cohesively. Additionally, we asked everyone to film themselves looking into the camera and nod for a minute, so we could edit it to look as though they were all in a Zoom call together showing interaction and togetherness.

We went through several rounds of both story and graphics edits, and delivered a five minute, upbeat, energetic intro video.


Pre-Recorded Content

We created four pre-recorded “fireside chats” that TRV would play alongside live segments. We recorded these one to two person videos via Zoom webinar, which allowed us to record individual speakers separately. We took this footage, added TRV branding, and edited some conversations down for timing. By maintaining some aesthetics of Zoom while adding TRV branding, we kept a visual cohesion so pre-recorded content flowed seamlessly to live segments.



Before show day, we consulted with TRV about how to best use Zoom webinar for their event. We assisted through several tech and dress rehearsals as they developed their run of show and roles. As each segment took shape, we made sure everything was as cohesive and high quality as it could be via Zoom.

The final annual meeting went seamlessly, with a few members of the TRV team hosting together in the offices in Boston, and us on call for technical support for a show broadcast to hundreds of people.